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MultiFind facilitates the process of finding a particular file in Windows
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Although the file searching and organizing capabilities of Windows were greatly increased by the inclusion of libraries in Windows 7, searching for a file does not always give the expected results. In this regard, MultiFind is intented to facilitate the process of finding a particular file in Windows.
Needless to say that the interface is not as easy to use as Windows standard search, yet the advantages are worth the extra effort. First, there is the capability of opening different searches using tabs. Then, there is a series of search parameters that will guarantee the best results. These parameters work as filters, so the more parameters you are able to specify, the more precise the results will be. In this respect, you will be able to specify the path and proceed to search by file name, contents, size and date.
There are many other advantages, such as conducting full-text searches on text based file formats, seeing the specific context in which the matching text appears, and replacing text strings in files. Finally, this application guarantees full integration with Windows, so you can set it to open during startup and integrate with Explorer so that you can right click on a folder to start MultiFind from it.
On the whole, MultiFind is a valuable application that will expand your system’s search capabilities.

Pedro Castro
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  • It integrates with Explorer
  • It gives more accurate results than Windows search


  • It does not allow searching in PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, RTF
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